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What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is simply an online list of fans of a given subject, such as an actress, musician, a piece of artwork, a place, or, in this instance, a computer program, that is created by one or more individuals and made available to be joined by any fan worldwide. Joining a fanlisting costs nothing, and all that they ask are your name — which doesn't have to be your legal name — and the country under which you wish to be listed — which can be the country in which you live, or the country where you were born, or of which you have nationality (unfortunately it is not possible to list someone under two countries at one time for most fanlistings, so generally you will need to choose just one).

Fanlistings do not have to be large sites, though some are: they're just a place where you can sign up with other fans and, if you have a website, or wish to share your email address (you can make it private), can make yourself open for other fans to find your site or (though this happens far more rarely) email someone who shares your interests. Most fanlistings have either a short list of rules or none other than the aforementioned, as the network requires that any fan be able to join provided they do give a name and country; however, "members" that are clearly spam entries can be removed, and names can be edited for any reasonable cause; most fanlisting owners remove obscenities and numbers from the names of those who join their sites, and sometimes will abbreviate a user's surname to an initial to protect their privacy, as not all fans realise this may be a problem for them.

This particular fanlisting is listed in the Computer Miscellany and Internet category, under the Programs subcategory, and is, as previously stated, for the program calibre. The site is owned by Trialia of unfaithful-mirror.net, and you can contact me at tragic{dot}adoration{at}techie{dot}com if you wish to give me any feedback on the site; for instance, if you have any trouble joining, or if you'd like to affiliate with the fanlisting. Thank you for visiting!

What is Calibre?

Calibre, usually stylised wholly in lowercase letters, is a program originally created by Kovid Goyal, available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, 64-bit Windows and in a portable form, which can be used for a multitude of purposes relating to e-book management. The main features and uses of calibre are as follows: to read e-books in EPUB format; management of one or more e-book libraries; creation and management of online access to personal e-book collections; editing of e-books in the major formats; file conversion between various e-book formats (with many available input formats), including the removal of DRM (Digital Rights Management) if required; downloading of news from the web and conversion into e-book form of the same; downloading e-books from one's laptop or PC to one's e-reader(s) and synchronising said content. It is also possible to add information to the metadata of one's e-book library without editing the text itself.

The official website for calibre, at calibre-ebook.com, holds not only the program itself for download to all of the aforementioned operating systems, but extensive information which I will not copy directly to this site, including a very useful and lengthy (but searchable) FAQ, details of the program's history and its contributors (of various kinds), both past and present, and detailed usage statistics for calibre and its integrated news sources. You can also find a demonstration of calibre in action at the main site, with a full tour, screenshots or individual video tutorials to choose from. Please do visit, and consider contributing via PayPal to the program's development if you use and value it as I do.